Science Education – Universities

Science Education Training at the Israel Universities

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Department of Education in Science and Technology

The Department mission is to ensure international excellence in research on learning, teaching and assessment in the fields of STEM. The focus on education (rather than teaching) includes: Rethinking the role of the STEM educational system; Engineering and practical engineering education; 21st century learning skills; the profession of STEM education in general and new models for STEM teacher preparation; Distant learning; Learning beyond schools and classrooms; Brain based learning technologies.

 Weizmann Institute of Science

Department of Science Teaching

The Department main mission is to advance the field of science and mathematics education at large, and impact it in Israel. It works in cooperation with the Davidson Institute of Science Education.  It carries out educational research and development in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental sciences and life sciences. Most of the activities are carried out in grades 7-12.

Research focuses on cognitive, socio-cultural and affective aspects of learning and teaching science and mathematics, including learning environments and the didactics of specific subjects.

Davidson Institute of Science Education

The Davidson Institute is dedicated to: (1) Promoting and nurturing the scientific, mathematic and technological education in Israel. (2) Bridging the gap between the general public and the frontiers of science. (3)  Influencing the educational system and society and spreading scientific knowledge and thinking.

After School Activities: Courses in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Space Science, Interdisciplinary Courses, Residential Science Camps and Trips Abroad.

Programs for High Achievers: School of Contemporary Science, Young Researchers, Buds of Science, Learning Science at the "Moreshet Camps", NEW: Alpha Program, Research Projects, Active Science Excellence Program, International Programs, Math and Science by Mail – online.

Continuing Professional Education Program for Teachers

Online Courses: Math and Science by Mail Online, National Classroom for Earth Science, The Katom Program

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Amos De-Shalit Science Teaching Center  and Department of Science Teaching, Hebrew University

Research into Science-Teaching serves as the basis of the development of new scientific teaching resources. Four aspects are stressed: Reflective Science, Matching the teaching materials to the student, Development of knowledge and thinking skills, Evaluation of Achievements.

Activities include: development of new curricula and study guides; Research on teaching and learning processes in science and mathematics, on students' conceptual knowledge of science, the use of advanced technology in the teaching of science, mathematics and technology, the interrelationship with other disciplines (psychology, history and philosophy of science  and others); academic assessment; in-service teacher training.

The Belmonte Science Center for Youth

The Belmonte Science Center encourages junior and senior high school students from Jerusalem and surrounding areas to become involved in life sciences, chemistry, physics, computer science and environmental studies.

 Tel Aviv University

The Department of Science Education

Computer Science Group

The Science and Technology Education Center

The  RTD areas of the Center are:

Development of Science and Technology Literacy:  deals the connection between general scientific education, comprehension and general views and ability to function in a modern society. The main project is the national curriculum "Science in a Technological Society (MABAT), currently operating in all elementary schools in Israel.

Teaching of Science, Mathematics and Technology: examines intuitive conceptualization and comprehension of concepts, such as: infinity, random and probability, analogy, Causality, life preservation of substance etc.

Knowledge Technology Laboratory: learning in virtual environments, implementation of knowledge technology for learning of populations with special needs, study of teaching and learning via the Internet.

International Studies in Mathematics, Science and ICT


Teacher Education Program

Disciplinary specializations: It is possible to specialize on one or more of the following disciplines Mathematics, biology and chemistry.

Center for Support of School’s Biology Labs

The Center for pre-school education in Mathematics, Sciences and Technology

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Graduate Program for Science & Technology Education

The degrees emphasis is on theory and practice, both in research and in teaching. The program enables teachers to observe, analyze, and deal with teaching and learning processes in their own classes deeply and comprehensively.

The main areas of research: (1) Teaching and learning of mathematics, science and technology. (2) Advanced topics in the teacher’s professional discipline (mathematics, biology, physics or electrical engineering,etc.) (3) History and philosophy of science and technology.

University of Haifa

Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education

The program is intended for individuals wishing to gain expertise in the design, implementation, evaluation and research of educational programs in technology-rich environments. It focuses on learning from a number of interacting perspectives, namely, cognition, education and special education, psychology, design and social context.

Open University of Israel

The Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies

The Chais Research Center for the Integration of Technology in Education

The major goals of these centers is  to promote theoretical and practical research among the Open University faculty, staff and students, in the area of instructional technologies and their integration into educational systems .

The 10th Chais Conference on Innovation and Learning Technologies (Hebrew) – 2015

Shoham – The Center for Technology in Distance Education

Shoham focuses on the informed integration of information technologies into the Open University teaching paradigm.

Post-Graduate Program in Biological Thinking


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