STEM Education in Israel: Documents and Reports

(2013) STEM Education: ECB/inGenious National Needs Analysis Workshop – Israel

(2013) Description and Master Plan for the Program: Science and Technology Leadership Reserve, Ministry of Education, Administration for Science and Technology. Hebrew original.

(2011) Education for Science and Technology in Israel. Background paper of the Center for Research and Information of the Knesset (Parliament). Hebrew original.

Israel Education Policy: How to move ahead in reform.
Philip Hemmings, June 2010, OECD Economics Department Working Papers

Women in the land of milk, honey and high technology: the Israeli case.
Dr. Ronit Kark, University Bar Ilan, Departments of Psychology and Sociology. Chapter 6 (pp. 152 to 191] in: R. Burke & M. Mattis (Eds.). Women and minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics: Opening the pipeline. New York: Edward Elgar (2007)

Mind the (Gender) Gap: Can a Two-hour Visit to a Hi-Tech Company Change Perceptions about Computer Science?
Larisa Eidelman et al. (2011) ACM Inroads 2011 September • Vol. 2 • No. 3

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